Environmental & Energy Management

Environmental and Energy Saving issues are a key consideration in our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

What do we do?

Today’s emphasis on cost saving and sound environmental practice is embraced by our specialist technical teams who conduct energy audits on behalf of clients and are committed to identifying energy saving opportunities.

How do we do?

We take an active approach in monitoring the consumption of energy and devising ways to achieve operational savings: reviewing operating hours of equipment such as lifts and lighting; reviewing equipment and systems design vis-à-vis demand; using energy efficient materials such as energy saving light bulbs; regularly reviewing innovative ideas for reducing energy consumption; and actively supporting local environmental initiatives.

Who do we work for?

Our Environmental Protection Programmes are tailor-made for our clients from prime commercial and industrial and large-scale residential developments.


Key contacts

Phiranya Watahongsan

Phiranya Watahongsan

Senior Associate Director, Property Management
Property Management

Savills Bangkok

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