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Savills ranks No.1 among International Property Management Firms

Savills comes first among international property management firms in Shanghai on the "2019 Top 100 Property Service Enterprises" list released by The Trade Association of Shanghai Property Management on July 25th. The firm ranks the 13th across all categories.


Savills also leads several other subcategories, including:

- Office Property Management Top 10 Enterprises – No. 1

- Retail Property Management Top 10 Enterprises – No. 1

- Taxpayer Top 10 Enterprises – No. 4

- Net Profit Top 10 Enterprises – No. 9

According to the 2019 Shanghai Property Management Industry Development Report, the gross floor area in Shanghai totaled 1.269 billion square meters as of 2018. There are currently 3,947 property services enterprises citywide who have recorded a combined revenue of about RMB 97.8 billion in 2018, a 4.6% increase from 2017 and accounting for 2.99% of Shanghai’s GDP. The property management industry has become increasingly prominent. As the market evolves, property management enterprises are inevitably facing higher standards.

Pan Guoqiang, Secretary General of The Trade Association of Shanghai Property Management said: "Shanghai is in the mid-term of the ‘Three-Year Action Plan for Building A Beautiful Homeland’. We have made exciting progress towards the goal proposed by the government to achieve the world’s top-level urban management. Congratulations to Savills team. We are grateful to Savills for their contribution, and we hope their continued efforts will lead to higher quality development of the city."

Robert McKellar, Executive Chairman of Savills Asia Pacific said: “We are honoured to have received this award. Our property management business remains the cornerstone and largest part of Savills business activities in China. Today we manage over 140 million sq meters of properties in China. The property management market is undergoing rapid changes. It is an area of business we will continue to invest into, especially technology and its related application.”

Siu Wing Chu, Managing Director of Savills Central China said: “Shanghai, as one of the most international megacities in mainland China, will rely on professional property management services in all aspects of urban planning — urban regeneration, smart city, green building, harmonious community, to name a few. The development of property management industry should keep pace with the times and focus on value and efficiency enhancement in order to promote the future development of Shanghai.”

Marco Meng, Senior Director and Head of Property & Asset Management Services, Savills Central China said: “This is the best ranking Savills has received for property management since it started business over two decades ago, and we are greatly inspired. Property management services are closely related to people's livelihood. As an industry-leading enterprise, we feel strongly the responsibility to serve the people while expanding our business. We will continue to assist industry associations in cultivating professionals, improving service standards, and promoting rapid and healthy development of the industry.”


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