The entire focus of our global team is to advise clients who occupy property, but who are not in the property business.

We operate at a number of different levels, from being a full outsource of a company’s real estate functions to a coordinator of single or multiple service lines for occupier clients. Our teams operate around the world from three main hubs, in the UK, Hong Kong, and the USA.

All this experience and expertise is at the disposal of our clients. Within our team, we have developed a portfolio visualization tool that links data from the portfolio, the market and information from other client-side enterprise systems. When collated and analyzed, this information produces an insightful management tool to benefit our clients and help them make their next move.

Our team works on a business-first, property-second principle, combining our skills and our corporate knowledge to deliver results.

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We are fully established as a market leader in this market providing objective, process-driven solutions to meet a wide range of client requirements.